New Paper Published: Mesolithic in the Cairngorms

The upper reaches of the River Dee in the Cairngorm Mountains

For the past few years I have worked with a number of colleagues (and friends) to examine the traces of Mesolithic activity high in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. Excitingly, one of the sites, excavated by Graeme Warren and colleagues with a team from University College, Dublin, yielded evidence for a small structure, occupied around 8200 cal BP. This is particularly interesting because it provides an indication that hunter-gatherer groups were active in the uplands even during a period of marked climatic deterioration.

A report on the site has just been published and may be accessed here. If you have problems getting hold of a copy for research do email me.

This project is significant because it interconnects with the research I have been undertaking on Mesolithic and earlier activity along the length of the River Dee. It is a great example of how smaller archaeological projects may be combined into a bigger picture. It all helps to provide an overview of some of the earliest settlement of Scotland.