Congratulations to Historic Environment Scotland


Maeshowe in happier days: view by Farrer publshed in 1862

Congratulations to Historic Environment Scotland on their first year as a newly established body. And what better way to celebrate than to close one of their flagship sites, Maeshowe, indefinitely. This has happened apparently with no consultation with the Local Authority or local community. HES should be ashamed of themselves. While the well being of the archaeological resource and its visitors remains paramount, several different solutions to the ‘Maeshowe Problem’ have been put forward over the years and the Local Council were apparently under the impression that one was moving forward. Maeshowe is part of only six World Heritage Sites in Scotland and a site that informs and inspires thousands of visitors a year about our Neolithic ancestors. As guardians of the site, HES have a duty to continue this and I look forward to hearing very soon as to how access will be re-established. Having sat on various committees (unpaid and clearly un-valued) over the years I’d recommend running a minibus from Skara Brae (with its ticketing and cafe) as a temporary measure. Maeshowe is a popular and significant site and it deserves better than this.