Experimental Archaeology

Back in 1982 I took part in an experimental archaeology expedition in Sweden. We recently unearthed the cine film footage of the expedition.

The project was initiated by Tomas Johansson of the Institute of Prehistoric Technology, Ostersund, Sweden.

The aim of the experiment was to introduce laboratory based archaeologists to the potential of intensive field based work. This short film documents the experiment over a week, tool making, butchering, fishing and gathering.


Tomas Johansson, Lars Forsberg and Ellinor Sydberg
Andy Barlow, Ann Clarke and Caroline Wickham-Jones

The participation of the Scottish contingent was supported by
The Russell Trust, The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland,
The Prehistoric Society and the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland.

The original video was shot and edited by Andy Barlow.
Recent edits, music and subtitles were completed by Philip Immirzi.

Read the full account:

Caroline R Wickham-Jones, P Ann Clarke and Andrew Barlow
(1986) A Project in Experimental Archaeology: Avasjo 1982. Review of Scottish Culture 1982 Vol 2. National Museum of Scotland